Cycling in Putrajaya an amazing experience

You will find most local cyclists along these routes during weekends, as  putrajaya attractions  is known to be among the favorite cycling routes among them. The locals even come from other parts of Malaysia like Perak and Pahang.  One of the famous routes is a 10.5km ride that encompasses Precincts 2, 3, 4 and 18. With as there are already many established routes within the various precincts. at all times while also getting views of the Dataran Gemilang, Putra Bridge, Millennium Monument, and even a few of the national administrative buildings. Depending where you cycle as each precinct has its own terrain your experience will differ and sights to see in you’re cycling route.  You will cycle on the path that’s next to the Putrajaya Lake as it’s an easy ride on flat terrain with plenty of facilities along the way. there are other routes you can explore including a 25km route from Putra Mosque, If you’re an avid cyclist, and up to 61km with an in-depth exploration of the city.

Safety tips.

  • Pack your valuables safely in your bag.
  • Travel in groups for safety when riding at night.
  • Follow the instructions of the traffic police.
  • Wear a helmet and safety pads to protect yourself.
  • Keep an eye out for uneven surfaces, potholes and construction debris.
  • Be courteous to other riders.
  • ensure your bicycle has front and rear lights along with reflective panels, when you’re riding at night.

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