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How to survive in a Politically Correct World?

To help develop awesome creative, here are 5.5 tips discovered and within the realm of political correctness.
Before you brainstorm, get your Politically Correct:
“One of the biggest ways companies can put good diversity intentions into action is by uncovering those biases that hold everyone back”. Even before you begin the creative process layout on the table all the stereotypes you can. According to 2014, a multi-university study identifying stereotypes and creating a safe place for communicating helps creativity reach new heights. Tivoli Partners Logo
Know thy customer:
Know they need, ask their feedback, look for what they want in future too.  loyalty marketing  Conduct research to know what can ruffle feathers and out and what they love or know your customers inside and get in the way of your message.
Know thy non-you
Get outside of your comfort realm and BEFRIEND people who look, act, think, and believe completely opposite of you to help broaden your overall thinking processes and patterns the mere act of personally knowing and understanding people from different cultures can really work.
Be choosy with brainstormers
The creative process is the place to be crazy and free, in order to be inclusive and get buy-in often times, we invite everyone and his or her brother to a brainstorming session. Invite a small group of smart, curious, culturally astute men and women who can dream up all kinds of crazy with all kinds of freedom within legal limits, of course. Stop the train right here. The creative process is neither the time nor place for buy-in.
Don’t freak out. Just be kind
You will never be politically correct of all, just try to be kind in your creative and avoid general negativity. We are a world of 7.3 billion people and, therefore, 7.3 billion individual identities so don’t limit you in the pursuit of trying. This tip is key, so it gets an extra half point. The politically correct world need not be a buzz kill for creativity.
Practice co-ed brainstorming
The subsequent clear lines of communication helped creativity flow and the same study cited that mixed-gender groups were more likely to uncover biases than single-gender groups. “Political correctness facilitates more comfortable sharing of creative ideas or ‘fear to offend’, in male-female teams by reducing the uncertainty, that people tend to experience when interacting with the opposite sex,”


Ask yourself a question, “Are you a family entertainment center”?

FetchRev’s platform works perfectly for family entertainment centers. Maximize your marketing budget return on investment is never easy and is hard to juggle all of the priorities. That’s why automated marketing software like FetchRev exists. It’s also robust software that can take your marketing to the next level. The automation begins once they have got your user data. They fetch revenue and their logo is a retriever and their name says it all. FetchRev can also handle your monthly newsletter, announcements and web forms. They will integrate your existing email lists and offers are sent to customers via email and on social media with buy now offer to drive urgency. With your website to capture customer data their platform easily integrates. To get them to come back their system sends targeted messages to your customers. Tivoli Partners Logo
What’s all this mean for you though?
Marketing automation closes the gap in your marketing while saving you time and driving repeat business. Marketing automation will help elevate your brand by increasing customer touch points.  customer loyalty programs  is all about delivering unforgettable experiences. Marketing may be just one of your many duties being a small business along with corporate partnerships, event sales, or operations. It’s a fact that the modern customer’s expectations are getting higher and their patience is disappearing. Many of the country’s top FECs are already using their platform. If you want to stay on top of what’s happening in the industry, you’ll want to demo their tool. They have explored in the past that customers want a faster response from companies they interact with. They will reach out to folks automatically which will drive more birthday parties and capture things like birthday information. That allows you to focus on customer experience and satisfaction.


Tips about “How to show up on Google”, by Tivoli Partners.

If you are not showing up on page one for Google then surely you are missing out on a ton of traffic. Traffic that converts to sales and drives customer  loyalty programs  .    That’s how to show up on Google. It is essential to have a Search Engine Optimization strategy. It’s the secret of how to show up on Google.  There are three basic SEO areas that need to be addressed: On-Page, Off-Page & Competitive Research.

On-PageTivoli Partners Logo

You first need to start with a solid foundation for your web pages.    They have listed a few items below that are important for on-page SEO. Your site needs to be indexible, quick and structured well to rank in Google.  This is exactly what it sounds like.

  • Alt Text: Alternative text for images tells Google what an image actually has to understand the image itself.
  • Meta Tags

O             This is what shows up when you type something into Google.  You use tags on your page to tell indexing bots how to show up on Google.

  • Site Speed & Security

O             Mobile searches are now nearly 60%.  If your site renders quickly, Google will reward you.  Speed up your site with caching, upgrading your server and compressing your images to start.

O             If people don’t see the green lock in the corner, they can’t be 100% sure that your site isn’t being spoofed or containing malware. Secure domains are becoming the norm.

  • Internal Linking

O             Wikipedia is a great example of why internal linking matters.  If you give visitors links to all the information they need quickly it lowers your bounce rate and increases the time spent on your website – two factors important to Google.


Loyalty programs at Tivoli Partners.

Tivoli Partners have been trusted by Fortune 500 companies for almost 20 years to design and implement customer loyalty reward programs and communications. The top premier customer loyalty marketing agencies are the Tivoli Partners. It helps brands like yours implement winning loyalty marketing strategy. David Bell President: David, who constantly seeks to improve processes, is a lead dreamer and has a track record of being a creative change agent. Tivoli Partners Logo
A conversation with your customers throughout the customer lifecycle Drive sales, increase engagement and continue. The process starts with segmenting based on the objective and identifying the ideal customer. You may have a look at the full range of loyalty marketing services on an official website. They deepen the relationship through exclusive benefits leveraging the data to learn more about your customer.
He has the grit and enthusiasm to propel the company into the future. His creative communication meets business objectives and marketing fits his personality best. Your web presence should be an immersive experience for your customers. Personalized, relevant mail pieces at the right time have helped the partners acquire and retain their customers year after year. David lived and worked in one of North Carolina’s most beautiful travel destinations an Appalachian State University grad, in marketing.
Stacie is the lynchpin of the team because of her attention to detail and genuine care. If you are working with Stacie you know you are in good hands and having fun. To develop marketing communications that drive response Stacie works with some of the country’s leading brands. Stacie has a marketing degree from Virginia Tech and has been in Charlotte since 2001. On both the customer and acquisition side and oversees the creative development She manages the strategy and implementation of new marketing plans for all digital programs.
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SEO contribution in loyalty rewards programs

Improve Your Site

For the things Google cares about: speed and security a good SEO agency will optimize your site.  Security (https) is important because Google doesn’t want to send people to fraudulent sites.    Good user experiences lead to repeat visits and more exposure to their ads and Google knows that very well. The person searching can find what they want quickly and this should be a fast experience with your site means. Tivoli Partners Logo

Just creating a site doesn’t guarantee traffic suppose you have a pretty great website but no one looks at it.   How to show up on Google?  This is why SEO is important.  As It helps you get discovered, improve your brand, improve your site, and to get more sales. So in organic search traffic, an effective SEO strategy helps you have long-term growth.

Get Discovered

The number 1 position on Google search results gets 33% of the clicks but once you get to the second page your traffic is nearly zero.  To get the coveted first position people have tried to figure out Google’s algorithm. Since the creation of search engines, Search Engine Optimization has been around. Also, the ad needs money to be paid and once you stop paying your ad is gone.

Improve Your Brand

At the end of the day what really matters is converting traffic to sales.   Committing to an SEO strategy means you pay attention to the details.   The good news about starting a Search Engine Optimization project is that there is a lot of room to grow.   So doesn’t waste time thinking go for the best SEO. To help you accomplish your business goals your agency should also help streamline your site: more form completion, increased season pass sales, etc.

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How can a customer loyalty marketing strategy be built?

Value comes in many forms for customers, it is a two-way street. While building relationships with your customers through loyalty marketing planning, proper execution, testing, and refining are important. You may provide value to them because of price, quality, convenience, and more. It is obvious that your customers who buy often from you and spend more per transaction are more valuable to your business than those that purchase less often and spend less, so you need to take care of them. Look at things like purchase frequency and the amount they spend to determine your customer’s value. You can provide a different level of value to your customers just as they can to you. Treat them that way; Offer them incentives to refer friends. Tivoli Partners LogoProvide them with platinum membership levels. They are all still customers and all do provide value to your business. You should talk to these groups differently. The folks that purchase often and spend a lot are high-value and your most loyal customers. You will quickly realize, that it will be the most valuable marketing strategy your business will ever do. Increase their engagement with your brand and build a stronger relationship with them. They will become loyal customers and ultimately advocates for your brand. Ask some questions in your communications to learn more about them. The big things to consider are the timing and message. Thank them for their business and Welcome them and do show that you appreciate them.
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Exotic car rental Long Island.

Whether you are looking for comfort and style, fuel-efficiency, space, you are sure to find the perfect rental car at Cloud 9 Exotics, no matter whether you are going on a quick family visit or an adventurous road trip, or any special event coming your way. More consumers are flocking to this exciting and accessible trend in the luxury automotive space as the exotic car rental industry grows, and Cloud 9 Exotics have gained a reputed name after years of experience, and excellenc

e in this field. “Cloud 9 Exotics”, works with a motto, “early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable”. Knowing what to ask of your exotic vehicle provider can help protect you from the unknown factors, so be prepared and know what you expect from the car which you are going to rent, and book it that way.

Make sure the car you are renting is actually owned/leased by the rental company, so there is no fear when you rent it from  nyc exotic car rentals  . They offer a program called ‘Premium Car Rental Protection’ if you have an American Express card. They are here to make renting a car a lot less hassle. They do reserve the right to run a Motor Vehicle Record report, to verify a valid Driver’s License on all renters prior to the start of the rental in order. Make sure you are 21 + year of age to rent a car from Cloud 9 Exotics.


Top exotic cars at Clouds9 exotics.

Incandescently  luxury car rental nyc  long island has a brilliant gathering of autos, few of which are portrayed beneath:
MCLAREN 650S : Vehicle data
MSRP: $ 317000.00
0 – 60: 3 seconds
Top speed: 204 mph
Travelers: 2
Style: Hard Top Convertible
Motor: 3.8 Twin Turbo V8
Transmission: 7 speed auto
Outside: Tarocco Orange 
Inside: Black with Orange embed
MSRP: $ 322000.00
0 – 60: 3.4 seconds
Top speed: 201 mph
Travelers: 2
Style: Spyder
Motor: 5.2L v10
Transmission: 7 speed auto
Outside: Verdi Ithaca
Inside: Black with Green Stitching

Vehicle data

MSRP: $ 336000.00
Style: Spider
Top speed: 199 mph
Travelers: 2
Outside: Rosso Corsa
Motor: 4.5L V8
Transmission: 7 speed auto
0 – 60: 3.3 seconds
Inside: Nero with Carbon Fiber Package

BMW 18
Vehicle data
MSRP: $ 125000.00
Style: Coupe
Top speed: 155 mph
Travelers: 2
Outside: White
Motor: 1.5L 3 Cylinder Turbo
Transmission: 6-speed Auto, with Paddles
0 – 60: 4.2 seconds
Inside: Cream

MSRP: $ 212000.00
Style: Convertible
Motor: 3.8L Twin Turbo Flat 6
Travelers: 4
Outside: Sapphire Blue
Transmission: 7 Speed Auto (PDK), with paddles
0 – 60: 2.5 seconds
Top speed: 195 mph
Inside: Black
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