How can a good logo affect your business growth?

You remember 2012 London Olympics logo issue right? I bet most of us do, at £400k it was something of a controversial investment. Now the question comes does it needs so much investment for a logo to be designed, does your company or maybe the brand needs so much investment, under the name of logo creation? Although it’s another issue and it is worth considering that figures in the media often include changing signage. But most people remember the criticism the 2012 London Olympics logo received. flo
On external agencies that research, test and create a new logo for them Companies repeatedly spend hundreds of thousands. In a study, it was seen that with the ability to identify with the brand using a symbol within a logo was more effective in providing consumers as they could use this as a form of self-expression. To give the most common example, the Nokia logo would be less effective than the Apple logo. Although the same apple appears across the range and is an iconic design Apple use additional text names for different product categories alongside the symbol. A logo allows consumers to better relate to the brand and should reflect the brands ‘symbolic and functional benefits.
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